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Course composed of two distinct modules, in the basic the student will know all the basic functions of the program,learning in practice by using our workflow the configuration of materials, light and composition. In the advanced course we discuss in detail the most advanced techniques including composition, effects, photography and animation. The methodology applied is more practical, the classes are distributed in modules, each one by “type” of scene, Night, Day, External and etc … All the students have exclusive access to a support group, where they have acess to news, clarification of doubts, materials and models of high quality.

Why OnLumion?‚Äč

  • Exclusive Workflow
  • 100% Online classes, avaliable 24/7 in our student plataform.
  • Exclusive group on Facebook.
  • Materials and Models

Conclusion Certificate



Common questions:

Do I get something after the purchase?
-The course is digital product, in online access format, you will receive the data to access the platform in your email.

Do I need to be online at the same time as the teacher to attend classes?

– NO, the classes are recorded and made available on the platform, you can watch whenever and wherever you want, and, make progress in the course according to your availability of time, you can go back and review the lessons as many times as you want.

Programmatic Content:

  • Lumion website;
  • Optimizing the system;
  • First contact with Lumion;
  • Viewport and its tools
  • Import;
  • Texturization;
  • Humanization;
  • Features menu;
  • Static rendering;
  • Video Render.
  • My Lumion and VR ;
  • More fuctions;
  • Optimizing the scene;
  • Fundamental tips.
  • Light/ Shadows/Reflections – Reality;
  • Camera and Production.
  • Import;
  • Materials;
  • Humanization;
  • Light;
  • Camera;
  • Effects.
  • Importing the model;
    – Library of imported models;

– Your own library inside the Lumion;

  • Materials configurations;
    – Realistic grass;
  • Humanization;
    – How to better humanize your scene;

– Detailing;

  • Library objects and their peculiarities;
    – Favorite blocks;

– Which blocks to use and which to not use;

– Using imported blocks;

  • Light and its peculiarities;
    – Which spots to use;

– How to better illuminate your environment;

– Reflex globe;

  • Effects;
    – Tips and techniques of what and when to use;

– Post production

  • Camera and its concepts of use;
    – Movements;

– Motion Blur;

– Photography (picture mode and video mode);

  • Importing;
    – Initial settings;
  • Materials;
    Humanization – Continuation;
    – Detailing;
  • Light;
    – How to illuminate the environment;
  • Reflections and shadows;
  • Effects;
    – Tips and techniques;
  • Composition;
  • Import;
  • Humanization;
  • Lighting;
  • Effects;
  • Composition;
  • Animation.

** The programmatic content is not fixed, new classes are added in accordance with the students’ feedback.

Library of PBR materials inserted DIRECTLY into Lumion, with REAL items used in ARCHITECTURE such as:

Tiles and wall coverings

Natural Stones, Granites and Silestones




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