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About us:

Guilherme Felix

Guilherme Felix

23 years old, graduated in Interior Design, began using the software Lumion at the age of 20. Quickly became very well-known by people in the media for extracting the maximum out of the program tools. Your images were, for many times, used in publications of the Software Producer. Nowadays, he is an employee of the program developer, in which he´s been working effectively for 1 year as a CG Artist.

Guilherme Giovanoni

Guilherme Giovanoni

27 years old, graduating in Architecture and Urbanism, first started in 3D in na unpretensious way and discovered a world of possibilities. Through friends he got to know Lumion and began studying. Soon were he dedicated fully to this program, getting extraordinary results. This made him become well-known in the media, and also got many of his Works shared by the program developer.

What is Lumion?

Lumion is a 3D View Software for Architecture developed by the ACT3D Dutch enterprise. Gives the possibility to import produced models from all of the main modelling softwares. After importing your model, Lumion counts with a very simple and intuitive Land modelling tool, besides a large Library for items as: Vegetation of various species, decoration models for intern and extern scenes, vehicles and people, and still has an Effect´s System, particles and artistic styles, a material system that allows to configure in a very easy way and in real time the textures of your Project. It has everything you need to give Life to your Project presentation and still can produce high resolution images, 4k Videos and 360° panoramic views.

The brands Lumion 3d and all your variants are registered in/and property of Act-3D B.V with all rights reserved.

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